Купрієнко С. А. Суспільно-господарський устрій імперії інків Тавантінсуйу : дисертація

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It is found out that for the sake of reinforcement of substantiations of the gains the incas led by governor Pachakutiq Inca Yupanqui resorted to reforms in sphere of a cult and a temple economy, and have deduced on a proscenium of syncretic Supreme god Wiracocha, and so-called «Sun temples» united in cults of numerous gods of different people, clans and communities. At the same time reforms of a calendar, languages, landed properties and land tenure, the public and territorial administration, system of storehouses, barns and warehouses, post service, trade and the commodity reference, manufacture, including transition to big manufactory (weaving, jewelry, weapon workshops, etc.) were carried out. Immigrants-mitmaq and servants yana and aclla played an important role in gradual transformation of an economy into state one. Application by incas of effective system of the organization of work allowed them to supervise all available human manpower, to conduct statistically their demographic account and to use for the sake of numerous problems of the state value (for building, repair, making of roads, extraction of metals, transportation, etc.) which results amazed imagination of Europeans.
As a whole, it is offered to consider a society of the incas as traditional hierarchical, differentiated, polyethnic, collectivized on the basis of communities which passed to a stage of creation of a form of «Andean civilization» within imperial type of statehood due to the achievements in a multipurpose economy with the big degree of division of labour, and by means of gradual and dynamic transition to its command-administration managerial control also in order to fasten gains.

Keywords: Доколумбова Америка, імперія інків, інки, командно-адміністративне управління, Перу, суспільно-господарський устрій, центральні Анди, Доколумбова Америка, империя инков, инки, командно-административное управление, Перу, социально-экономический строй, центральные Анды, pre-Columbian America, the Inca Empire, Inca, administrative command system, Peru, social and economic system, the central Andes

Купрієнко С. А. Суспільно-господарський устрій імперії інків Тавантінсуйу : дисертація

Купрієнко С. А. Суспільно-господарський устрій імперії інків Тавантінсуйу : дисертація

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