Fantastic Airtable relational databases

fantastic Airtable relational databases

Four years ago, my life and work became much easier when I mastered the fantastic Airtable relational databases (try it – It’s cooler than Google Sheets and intuitively much easier! Now I have created an Upwork profile, because I see that there is a need for Airtable experts –

Kyiv Open Andean Signs Project (KOASP)

Kyiv Open Andean Signs Project (KOASP) The porject was started in Kyiv (Ukraine) for the National Museum of Ukrainian History. The database of all known signs (aka tocapu and others) of pre-Columbian Andean region. Every culture, every chronological era. More than 1000 signs. It will be free and open for all researchers. You can add… Читати далі Kyiv Open Andean Signs Project (KOASP)