Джордж А. Дорси. Блиблиография Антропологии Перу.






Acting Curator, Department of Anthropology.


January, 1898.



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< < 134, 135, 140, <( 143, 147, (< 176, << 178, 184, 191, 193, 197, 198, u line 8, for Acuna read Acuña. ' 25, " Juncos " Yuncas. 1 9, " Akad " (Kön. Akad. der Wis). ' \6,/or Hispano-Ulkamarina read Hispano-Ultramina. '27, " Cy read C. y. ' " " del a read della. ' 7 (from bottom), read (margin) 1849 instead of 1595. ' 9, for Cronan read Cronau. '18, " Eleroy read Elroy. ' 22, " Description read Descripción. ' " " estaditica read estadística. ' 8, " Ternaux read Ternaux-Compans. ' 7, " Giglioli (H.H.) raw/Giglioli (E). ' 6, for Jarma read Tarma. ' 5 (from bottom), for Antiquadades read Antigüedades. ' 3 " "' " Antiguidades " Antigüedades. ' \A,for Boudoin read Baudoin. ' 4 (from bottom),for Drognes read Drogues. ' 2\,for Quichaus read Quichuas. ' 22, " Montana read Montaña. ' 23, " Acura read Acuña. ' 24, " Meigs (J. A.) read (Meigs J. Aitken). ' 27, omit Meigs (J. Aitken) and insert- 4 6, for Antiguadades read Antigüedades. ' 35 to end, transfer to Rich (Obadiah). lines 6 and 3, (from bottom) for Indegenas read Indígenas. line 2 from end, for In Mappe read Maps. between lines 23 and 24 insert (Vol. 17. See Fernandez Montesinos (E. L. D.) Memoires. Paris. 1840. 8° ). line 9 (from bottom), for Chuquiasca read Chuquisaca. " l,for Mapoteca read Mapoteca. " 8 (from bottom), for Tourancen read Touranien. " 7 " " " anciem read anciens. " 24 (in margin), insert 1892. 200, FIELD COLUMBIAN MUSEUM PUBLICATION 23. ANTHROPOLOGICAL SERIES. VOL. II, N A BIBLIOGRAPHY OF THE ANTHROPOLOGY OF PERU. BY GEORGE A. DORSEY, Acting Curator, Department of Anthropology. THE LIBRARY OF THE FEB 17 1938 UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS CHICAGO, U. S. A. January, 1898. 57 2,. 05 Cop • 2. 5 A BIBLIOGRAPHY OF THE ANTHROPOLOGY OF PERU. BY GEORGE A. DORSEY. INTRODUCTION. What was begun in 1893 as a labor of love, has been brought to a finish amid difficulties and the stress of work attendant upon new fields of investigation. While pursuing a special course of study in the Graduate Depart- ment of Harvard University, in 1893-94, I began to form a card cat- alogue of the more important books which treat of the antiquities of Peru. This was done merely for my own benefit and to aid me in the particular line of investigation with which at that time I was occupied. Such a catalogue seemed all the more necessary to me, as I could find no list of books of any value which related to Peru, and my studies led me into all the many interesting problems for which that country is so justly famous. It soon became apparent that the work of making anything like a complete list of books which relate to the Anthropology of Peru would be long and laborious, and at one time I decided to abandon the idea; but with the kindly advice of Dr. Winsor and thé cordial assistance of Mr. Kiernan, both of the Harvard Library, I took hold of the work anew, and set out with the deliberate intention of making a complete list of all the books, pamphlets and magazine articles which related in any way to the anthropology of Peru. The aim has been to cover the whole ground, aud from the earliest times down to the present day, to include such works as treat of the modern Indians as well of the Peruvians of ancient times, and finally to include all known editions of the early Spanish authorities. To what extent the list here presented falls short of this high aim no one knows so fully as I do. Although having at my command the exten- sive libraries of Harvard and Boston, yet for many titles I have had to refer to the catalogue of the British Museum Library, and to those of Sabine, Harisse, Quaritch, Dufossè, Hierseman, Winsor, etc. On account of the additional interest which is imparted to a book when something is known of the author, I have given short biograph- ical sketches of about fifty of the more important authors of the early Spanish times. Indeed, with many of these early writers the very 55 56 FIELD COLUMBIAN MUSEUM- ANTHROPOLOGY, VOL. II. facts of their lives are what make their writings of so great import- ance. In the preparation of these biographies I am especially indebted to the two chapters on Peru by Clements R. Markham, in Vols. I and II of Dr. Winsor's Narrative and Critical History of America. This is my first attempt at bibliography; it shall be my last as well, although I hope, in a second part, to attempt to compile an index by subjects and topics, which will enable any one to look up such titles as relate to special matters. When that is •finished and an index to the literature of the most interesting country in America, as viewed by the anthropologist, is thus rendered available for students, I shall not feel that I have labored in vain. BIBLIOGRAPHY. 1578 ACOSTA (CHRISTOVAL DE) Tractado de las drogas y medi- cinas de las Indias Orientales, con sus plantas debuxadas al vivo por C. A....en el qual se verifica mucho de lo que escrivo el Dr. Garcia de Orta. Burgos. 1578. 1582 -C. or Coste Aromatum et medicatorum in Orientali India nascentium liber... .С. Chisii opera ex Hispánico ser- mone Latinus factus in epitomen contractus, etc. 1582. 8o 1619 -Traicté de Christophe de la Coste des drogues et des médicament, qui naissent aux Indes, traduit par de l'Ecluse. Figures. Lyon. 1619. 8°. [Montalvo refers to a speech made by Christoval de Acosta at the third Council of Lima, 1583.] 1588-9 ACOSTA (JOSÉ DE) De Natura Novi Orbis Libri duo et de Promulgatione Evangelii apud Barbaros. Salamanca. 1588-9. I595 -(Second edition.) Salamanca. 1595. 1596 . -(Another edition.) Colonice Agrippinœ. 1596. 12o. 1590 —--Historia Natural y Moral de las Indias, en que se tratan las cosas notables del Cielo, y Elementos, Metales, Plantas y Animales délias; y los Ritos, y Ceremonias, Leyes, y Gobierno y Guerras de los Indios. Sevilla. 1590. 40. 1591--(Another edition.) Barcelona. 1591. 8o- 1608--(Another edition.) Madrid. 1608. 1610--(Another edition.) Madrid. 1610. 1792 -(Another edition.) 2 vols. Madrid. 1792. 40. 1596 - Historia naturale e morale della Indie novamente tradotta____de Giovanni Paolo Gallado. Venetia. 1596. 4°- i 57 FIELD COLUMBIAN MUSEUM—ANTHROPOLOGY, VOL. II. --Histoire naturelle et morale des Indes, tant Orient- ailes qu' Occidentalles ; traduites en François par Robert Regnault, Cauxois. Paris. 1597. 8°. ---(Another edition.) Paris. 1600. 8°. -(Another edition.) 1601. Fol. --(Another edition.) Paris. 1606. 8°. --(Another edition.) Paris. 1616. 8°- --Historié naturall ende morael van de Westorsche Indien.... overghent door J. Huyghen van Linschoten. Enckhuysen. 1598. 8°. --Ontdekking Van West Indien .... door J. DA.... 1592 nyt het Spaans Verladd P. Van de Aa, etc. Deil 8. 1727. Fol. -(Another edition.) & THEODOR DE BRY. Von Ge- legenheit der Elemente natur de Neuer Welt. J. H. Van Lin- schoten. 1601. Fol. --(Another edition.) See THEODOR DE BRY. America nova pars... .denovis orbis naturae Acosta. America. Pars IX. Francoforti. 1602. Fol. --(Another edition.) See THEODOR DE BRY. Parali- pomena Americas, hoe est discursus accurataque Americae descriptio. America. Pars XII. Frankforti. 1624. Fol. -The Naturall and Morall Historié of the East and West Indies.... written in Spanish.... translated into Eng- lish by E. G. (Edward Grimeston). 1604. 40. -- (Another edition.) Reprinted from the English translated edition of E. Grimeston, 1604, with notes by Clements R. Markham. 2 vols. Lotidon. 1880. 8°. (Hakluyt Society, Nos. 60 and 61.) [José de Acosta, one of the best known writers on Ameri- can history, born 1540, at Medina-del-Campo, Old Castille. Entered Society of Jesus, 1553. Taught theology at Ocana; went to Peru, 1571, and remained fifteen years. In Mexico and Antilles two years. Returned to Spain with MSS.; became rector of Salamanca. Died,. 1600. Of great learning but not well acquainted with native languages.] JAN. 1898. BIBLIOGRAPHY OF ANTHROPOLOGY OF PERU—DORSEY. 59 1848 ACOSTA (J.) Colonel. Compendio histórico del descubri- miento y colonización de la Nueva Granada én el siglo décimo sexto. Paris. 1848. i860 -See BOLLAERT (D.) Antiquarian .... researches in New Granada, etc. London, i860. 8°. (Acosta's work makes use of two unpublished parts of Pedro Simon's MS.) 1641 ACUNA (EL PADRE CHRISTOVAL DE) Nuevo Descubrimiento der gran Rio de las Amazonas... .al qual fue, y se hizo por orden de su Magestad, el año de 1639, por la provincia de Quito en los Rey nos del Peru. Madrid. 1641. 40. (Chaps. XXVI-XLIII describe Indian tribes. Acuna's party were the first whites to traverse the region mentioned.) 1891 -(Another edition.) Madrid. 1891. 8°. (Vol. II. Colecion de libros que tratan de America raros y curiosas.) 1682. - Relation de la riviére des Amazons, traduite par de Gomberville sur l'original Espagnol du P. C. d'A. Avec une dissertation sur la riviere des Amazones pour servir de preface. 4 vols. Paris. 1682. 12o. 1698 -Voyages and Discoveries in South America. The first up the River of Amazons to Quito in Peru, and back again to Brazil, performed at the command of the King of Spain by C. d'A. Done into English from the originals. With Notes and Maps. London. 1698. 8*. 1859 -New Discovery of the great River of the Amazons ....translated (with notes), etc., by C. R. Markham. Lon- don. 1859. 8°. (Hakluyt Society, No. 24, "Expeditions, etc.") 1729 - Bericht von dem Strom derer Amazonen, erstlich in Spanischer sprach herausgegeben von P. C. de Acunna aus der Gesellschaft Jesu: nachgehends in das Franzosiche übersetzet, durch Herrn von Gomberville .... Nunmehro alles in Teutschen an das Leicht gestellet durch einen aus gemeldter Gesellschaft. (See FERNANDEZ (J. B.) Erbauliche und angenehme Ge- schichten derer Chiquitos, etc. 1729. 8°.) 1733 -Bericht von dem Strom derer Amazonen, etc. {Neuer Welt-Bote. Neurer Welt-Bote, etc. 1733. 8°.) 6o FIELD COLUMBIAN MUSEUM—ANTHROPOLOGY, VOL. II. 1747 -Reise auf dem Amazonen flusse. 1637-40. (See SCHWABE (J. J.) Algemeine Historie der Reisen, etc., Bd. 16. 1747. 4°-) [EL PADRE CHRISTOVAL DE ACUNA, bishop of Caracas. The Nuevo Descubrimiento is an account of an expedition, in 1639, to see if treasure could be transported from Peru by the Amazon. It was suppressed that the Portuguese might not know of the navigability of the river to Quito.] 1878 ADAM (LUCIEN) Le Quichua,est il une langue aryenne? 1878. (Compte-Rendu du Congrès des Americanistés. Seconde session, page 7.5.) 1890 -See LECLERC (CH.) Arte de la lengua de los Indios o Campas. Paris. 1890. 8°. 1885 ADAMS (WILLIAM HENRY DAVENPORT) Land of the Incas and the City of the Sun: or the story of Francisco Pizarro and the Conquest of Peru. Illust. London. 1885. 8°. 1809-17 ADELUNG (JOHANN CHRISTOPH). See VATER (JOHN S.) Mith- ridates, etc. Vols. II and III. Berlin. 1809-17. 1623 AGUILAR DEL Rio. Memorial que ©freer el lie .... al Rey.... assi en lo que toca al bien espiritual como al temporal de los Indios naturales del. Lima. 1623. Fol. (Valuable for history of Pizarro and the administration of the Indians.) 1862 AGUIRRE (LOPE DE). See BOLLAERT (WM.) Expedition of P. de Ursua and Lope de Aguirre in search of El Dorado and Omagua, 1560-61. London. 1862. 8°. (Hakluyt Society, No. 28.) [LOPE DE AGUIRRE, companion of Pedro de Ursua, on his expedition down the Amazon in 1560, to discover Eldorado; chief of the conspirators who murdered Ursua on January 1, 1561, near Machiparo, and threw off Spanish allegiance. Became sovereign on murder of his companion, Fernando de Guzman; reached the ocean by the Orinoco or one of the rivers of Guiana. Landed in Venezuela to invade New Granada, but defeated and killed by Spanish force under Gutierrez de la Pena.] JAN. 1898. BIBLIOGRAPHY OF ANTHROPOLOGY OF PERU—DORSEY. 61 1807 ALCEDO (ANTONIO DE). Biblioteca Americana. Madrid. 1807. (MS. Jackson (J.) Bibl. géog. No. 613.)' 1730? ALCEDO Y HERRARA (DIONYSIO DE). Memorial informativo, que pusieron en les reales manos et tribunal del consulado de la Ciudad de los Reyes y la junto general del comercio de las provincias' del Peru ; sobre différentes puntos tocantes al estado de la real hazienda y del comercio, etc. (Madrid? 1730?) Fol. 1740 - Aviso Histórico, Politico, Geographico, con.... Noticias... .del Peru, Tierra-Firme, Chile y Nuevo Reyno de Granada en la Relación de los Sucessos, de 205 años, por la Chronologia de los Adelantados, Presidentes, Governa- dores y Virreyes de aquel Reyno meridional, desde.... 1535 hasta____1740, y Razón de todo lo obrada por los Ingleses en aquellos reynos.... 1567 hasta.... 1739. Madrid. 1740. 40. 1741 -(Another edition.) Madrid. (1741.) 8o. 1762? -Aviso .... continuada hasta .... 1760. Madrid. (1762?) 4o. 1741 - Compendio histórico de la provincia.. . .de Guaya- quil, etc. Madrid. 1741. 4°- 1585 ALCOBASA (DIEGO DE). Confessionario. Lima. 1585. (Spanish, Quichua and Aymara. Very scarce. Markham. Roy. Com. ii, 200 note?) 1881 ALLEN (FREDERICK H.) Pizarro; or the Discovery and Con- quest of Peru. Edited by F. H. A. Illustrated. Boston. (1881.) 8°. 1580-81 ALMENDRAL (MARTIN DE) and ALVAREZ DE HOLGUIN (PEDRO). Muy poderoso señor Jorge de Ortega en nombre de doña, etc. 1580-81. (MSS. unedited. Valuable; relates to personal services of M. de A. and P. A. de H. during the discovery, etc., of Peru.) 1580-1 ALVAREZ DE HOLGUIN (PEDRO). See ALMENDRAL (MARTIN DE) Muy poderoso, etc. 1580-1. [ALVAREZ DE HOLGUIN, one of Pizzaro's captains; killed Sept. 16, 1542, on defeat of young Almagro by Vaca de Castro.] 62 FIELD COLUMBIAN MUSEUM—ANTHROPOLOGY, VOL. II. 1874 ANCHORENA (JOSÉ DIONISIO). Gramática Quichua o del idioma del Imperio de los Incas. Li?na. 1874. - ANDAGOYA (PASCUAL DE). Narrative of the proceedings of Pedrarias Davila in Tierra firme or Castilla del Oro, etc. (Original MS. in Spanish in Indian Archives, Seville). 1825 -¿¿¿'FERNANDEZ DE NAVARETTE (MARTIN) Colleccion de los Viages. Tom. iii. Madrid. 1825, etc. 40. 1865 -Narrative of the proceedings of Pedrarias Davila in the provinces of Tierra firme or Castilla del Oro, and of the discovery of the South Sea and the coasts of Peru and Nicaragua. Translated and edited, with notes and an Intro- duction, by CI. R. Markham. Map. London. 1865. 8°.' (Hakluyt Society. No. 34. Contains the earliest notice of Peru.) 1868 - Pascual de Andagoya, urn epysodio da historia patria. As quatro derradeiras noites dos inconfid. de minas geraes. (1792). Rio de Janeiro. 1868. [PASCUAL DE ANDAGOYA, born in the province of Alava, Spain; went to Darien, 1514; obtained information respect- ing the empire of the Incas on his expedition to province of Biru in 1522 ; explored further south, but returned to Pan- ama owing to illness and turned the enterprise over to a partnership at Panama composed of Pizarro, Almagro and Luque, for whom he acted as agent until 1536. Died, 1548, at Cuzco.] 1827 ANDREWS (JOSEPH) Captain. Journey from Buenos Ayres through the provinces of Cordova, Tucuman, and Salta to Potosi ; thence by the deserts of Caranja to Arica and sub- sequently to Santiago de Chile and Coquimbo in the years 1825-26. 2 vols. London. 1827. 8°. 1827 - (Another edition). 2 vols. London. 1827. 12o. (Chap. VI, Vol. 2, Potosi to Arica—describes Indians en route). 1836-7 ANGELIS (DON PEDRO DE). Colección de obras y docu- mentos relativos a la historia.... del Rio de la Plata. 6 vols. Buenos Ayres. 1836-7. 40. (Vol. 5 contains Sentencia pronunciada por el Visitador Don José Antonio de Areche contra Tupac Amaru). JAN. 1898. BIBLIOGRAPHY OF ANTHROPOLOGY OF PERU—DORSEY. 63 1856 -.Ensayo de la historia civil del Paraguay, Buenos Ayres y Tucuman. (Edited by Dr. Don Pedro de Angelis.) 2 vols. (Second edition). 1856. 1511 ANGLERIUS (PETRUSMATYR). Legatio Babylonica. Seville 1511. 1516 -(New edition enlarged). Aleala. 1516. - De Orbe nove decades (8). Prefatio JE Antonii Nebrissensis. Apud Michaele d'Egine. Compluti. 1530. Fol. 1533 -P. M. ob Angleria de rebus oceanis et orbe nuovo decades très (IV)... .ejusdem legationis Babylonicae libri très. Basileœ. 1533. Fol. 1574 -(Another edition). Coloniœ. 1574. 8°. 1587 -De orbe novo Petri Matyris Anglerii Mediolanensis ... .Decades octo... .labore et industria Richardi Hakluyti ____Parisiis. 1587. 8°. 1532 -Extraict on Receuil des Isles nouvellesment trou- vées en le grand mer Oceane.... par Pierre Matyr de Millan et depuis translate en language francoys. Paris. 1532. a 1537 -(Another edition). Paris. 1537. 1554 -Somario della Historia dell Indie Occidenti cavato della libri scritti da le Sig. Pietro Martire. 1554. Fol. See RAMUSIO (G. B.) Primo Volume____delle Navigatione et Viaggi. Vol. 3. 1554. 1563 . -(Another edition). Vol. 3. 1563. Fol. 1606 -(Another edition). Somario cavato della sua his- toria del Nuovo Mondo. 1606. Fol. See RAMUSIO (G. B.) Vol. 3. 1606. 1555 -The (three) decades of the new worlde, or West India, conteyning the navigations and conquestes of the Spanyardes with the particular description of the most ryche and large landes and Ilandes lately found in the West Ocean pertayning to the inheritance of the kinges of Spayne.... Written in the Latine tounge by Petrus Matyr, of Angleria, and translated into Englysche by R. Eden. (The histories of the Weste Indies, wrytten by Gonzalus Ferdinandus Ovie- dus. A discourse of the marvellous voyage made by the Spanyardes rounde about the worlde, gathered out of a large 64 FIELD COLUMBIAN MUSEUM—ANTHROPOLOGY, VOL. IL* booke wrytten hereof by Master A. Pygafetta____) B. L. In aedibus Guilhelmi Powell. (End. Rycharde Jug). Lon- don. 1555. 40. l577 --The History of Travayle in the West and East Indies.... Gathered in parte, and done into Eng'lysche by R. Eden. Newly set in order, augmented and finished by R. Willes. B. L. R. Jugge. London. 1577. 40. 1582--(Another edition). Three Decades. Basle. 1582. Fol. 1809 -The Historie of the West Indies.... Published in Latin by Mr. Hakluyt, and translated in English by M. Lok. 1809, etc.- 40. See HAKLUYT (R.) Rev. Collection of the early voyages, etc. Vol. V. 1812 - The Historie of the West Indies (The.. . .Decades of the Ocean) translated by M. Lok. 1812. 40. See HAKLUYT (R.) Rev. A selection of... .voyages, etc. [PETRUS MATYR ANGLERIUS, or Peter Matyr d'Anghiera, born about 1456, â reporter at the Spanish Court. Wrote many letters, of which about 30 relate to America. Knew Columbus personally. Began the Decades, 1493. Died, 1526.] 1866 ANGRAND (LÉONCE) Antiquités Américaines ; les Antiquités de Tiahuanaco et l'origine presumable de la plus ancienne civilization du Haut Pérou. Plates. Paris. 1866. 40. 1879 ANONYMOUS. See JIMÉNEZ DE LA ESPADA (MARCOS). Tres relaciones de antigüedades peruanos. Edited by M.J. de la E. Madrid. 1879. 8°. [Markham says the author was evidently a Jesuit who went to Peru at an early date. Refers to lost works on Peruvian civilization ;• mentions ancient Incas in Montesinos' lists and explains origin of erroneous statement that human sacrifices were used.] 1783 ANTONIO (D. NICHOLAS). Bibliotheca Hispana Nova sive hispaniorum scriptorum qui ab anno M. D. ad MDCLXXXIV. floruere notitia____Tomus primus. Madrid. 1783. Fol. JAN. 1898. BIBLIOGRAPHY OF ANTHROPOLOGY OF PERU—DORSEV. 65 1893 ANVERS (A. D.) See Du POUGET (J. F. A.) Marquis de Nadaillac. Prehistoric America. Trans, by H. D. A., etc. New York. 1893. 8°. I575 APIANUS (PETRUS). La Cosmographia. Pt. I. See LOPEZ DE GOMARA (FRANS.). El sitio y descripción de las Indias y Mundo Nuevo. Anvers. 1575. 4°- 1565 APOLLONIUS (LEVINUS). De Peruviae Regionis inter Novi Orbis provincias celeberrimae, inventione, et rebus in eadem gestis. Map. Antverpiœ. 1565. 8o. (Divided into five parts: The Expedition of Pizarro and Amalgro into the interior ; Pizarro and Atabila ; Siege of Cuzco ; arrival of Alvarado ; and the mission of Gasea.) 1566--(Another edition). Antverpiœ. 1566. 8 . 1567 - (Another edition). Antverpiœ. 1567. 12o. 1582 -De Peruviae regioni—inventioni et rebus in eadeni gestis. Basle. 1582. Fol. (Third part of a German translation of Benzoni). ^LEVINUS APOLLONIUS was a native of Ghent. His work embraces the period from the discovery of Peru to the death of Gonzalo Pizarro.] 1864 ARANA (DON DIEGO BARROS). Colleccion de Historiadores de Chile, edited by D. B. A. 7 vols. Santiago. 1864. See SUAREZ DE FIGUEROA (DON CHRIS.) Hechos de Don Garcia Hurtado de Mendoza, etc. 1873 -Proceso de Pedro de Valdivia i otros documentos inéditos concernientes a este conquistador, reunidos i ano- tados por D. B. A. Santiago de Chile. 1873. 8o. (Gasca's despatch to the Council, describing the defeat and execution of Gonzalo Pizzaro, etc., dated Cuzco, May 7, 1548, and other despatches of Gasea. Markham describes the document quoted by Prescott as " Relación del Licenciado Gasea MS." as a mutilated copy of this despatch). 1881 -Histoire de la Guerre du Pacifique 1879-80. Maps. 2 vols. Paris. 1881. 8°. (General Map of Littoral (Pacific) and maps of littoral of Northern Peru and environs of Lima). ARIAGA (PABLO JOSÉ DE). See ARRIAGA (PABLO JOSÉ DE). 66 • FIELD COLUMBIAN MUSEUM—ANTHROPOLOGY, VOL. II. 1849 ARIBAU (В.* С.) Biblioteca de autores Españoles, etc., edited by В. С. А. 1849. 8°. Vol. XXIV. FERNANDEZ DE OVIEDO Y VALDES (GONZ.) Oviedo; de la natural historia de las Indias; CASTELLANOS (JUAN DE) Elegias de Varones illustres de Indias ; XERES (FRAN, DE) Verdadera Relación de la Conquista del Peru. Vol. XXVI. ZARATE (AUG. DE) Historia del descubrimi- ento y conquista del Péru y de los guerras y cosas señdades en ella ; CIEZA DE LEÓN (PEDRO DE) La Chronica del Peru. 1883 ARONA (JUAN DE), (pseud. Pedro Paz Soldán y Unanue). Diccionario de Peruanismos (Kechua); ensayo filológico. Lima. 1883. 8o. 1884 -(Another edition). Buenos Ayres. 1884. 8o. 1621 ARRIAGA (PABLO JOSÉ DE). Extirpación de la Idolatrie del Peru. Lima. 1621. [ARRIAGA was a priest; relates native religious beliefs and practices in minute detail.] 1833 ASPINWALL (THOMAS) Colonel. Catalogue of Americana. Paris. (1833.) 1617 ATIENZA (BLAS DE). Relación de los Religiosos. Lima. 1617. [BLAS DE ATIENZA, a friar, son of Blas de Atienza, who served under Vasco Nuñez de Balboa in 1513, and settled at Truxillo. His sister, Inez, accompanied Pedro de Ursua, in 1560, on his expedition in search of El Dorado.] 1592 ATTABALIPPA del Peru {pseud ADRIANO BANCHIERI) La Nobilta delP Asino di A. dal Peru.... Tradotta in lingua Italiana, etc. Venetia. 1592. 8°. 1599 - (Another edition). Venetia. 1599. 4°- 1666 -Quarta impressioni, con nuova aggionta. Venetia. 1666. 12°. 1602 AVALOS Y FIGUEROA (DON DIEGO D'). Primera parte de la miscelánea austral de Don D. d'A. y F. en varias coloquias, intercolutores Delia y Cilena, con la defensa de Damas. Lima. 1602. (Quichua language, Physical Geography of Peru, etc). JAN. 1898. BIBLIOGRAPHY OF ANTHROPOLOGY OF PERU—DORSEY. 67 1852 AVECELLA (PABLO ALONSO DE LA). La conquesta del Péru. Novela histórica original. Vign. Paris. 1852. 8o. 1853 - (Another edition). Caracas. 1853. 8o. 1648 AVENDANO (HERNANDO DE). Sermones de los ministerios de nuestra Santa Fé católica, en lengua Castellana, y la general del Inca. Impugnanse los errores particulares que los Indios han tenido. 1648. - -^ Relación de las Idolatrias de los Indios. (MS.) [HERNANDO DE AVENDAÑO, priest; wrote sermons in Quichua]. 1646-8 AVILA (FRANCISCO DE) of Cuzco. Tratado de los evangelios ... .y general de los Indios deste reyno del Peru, y.... se refutan los errores de la gentilidad de dichos Indios. (Tomo segundo... .obra postuma del Dr. Don F. Davila). 2 vols. Lima. 1646-8. Fol. 1873 -■— A narrative of the errors, false gods, and other superstitious and diabolical rites in which the Indians of the province of Huarochiri lived in ancient times. Translated and edited by CI. R. Markham. London. 1873. 8°. (Hakluyt Society, No. 48. Narrative of the Rites and Laws of the Incas, pages 123-151). [FRANCISCO DE AVILA, priest in the province of Huaro- chiri. Wrote in 1608. His Relación taken down in Quichua from the mouths of the natives. Very valuable, but prob- ably does not relate to the Juncos. Thirty-one chapters of de Avila's work still untranslated or unpublished.] 1604 AYMARA. Catecisme en lenguaEspañolay Aymara. 1604. 8o. -See QUICHUA Y AYMARA. 1869 BACKER (AUGUSTIN DE). 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His Suma y Narración, written by order of Vice- roy Don Antonio de Mendoza; finished 1551. Only part of the MS., as referred to by Gregoria Garcia, is preserved. Comes next to Cieza de Leon as an authority]. 1847 BETHUNE (C. R.) Captain. See HAWKINS (SIR RICHARD). Observations on his Voyage into'the South Sea, etc. Edited by Cap. C. R. B. London. 1847. 8°. 76 FIELD COLUMBIAN MUSEUM—ANTHROPOLOGY, VOL. II. . . 1862-4 BIBLIOTHECA AMERICANA. Collection d'ouvrages inédites ou rares sur l'Amérique. 3 vols. Paris. 1862-4. (I. Puren Indómito. Poema p. F. Alvarez de Toledo. Publ. p. D. B. Arana. II. Voyages dans le Nord du Brésil. 1613-14. p. Yves d'Evreux, publ. p. Denis. III. Memoire s. les moeurs, coustumes et religion des sauvages de l'Amér- ique Sept. p. N. Perrot, publ. p. Tailhan.) 1847-50 BIBLIOTECA DE AUTORES ESPAÑOLES. Madrid. 1847^50. See CASTELLANOS (JUAN DE) Elegias de Varones illustres de Indias; FERNANDEZ DE OVIEDO Y VALDES (GONZALO). 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(This continuation forms Vol. II. of the last preceding

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[PADRE ANTONIO DE LA CALANCHA, an ecclesiastic, wrote

between 1638 and 1653. His Coronica Moralizada is “a prec

ious storehouse of details respecting the manners and cus.

toms of the Indians and the topography of the country.”

Gives the most accurate Inca calendar, and the “Confes-

sion” of Lejesama.]

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(Only three copies in existence, one in Madrid, one in

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(Reprinted in parts in the Revista de Lima.)



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(With facsimiles of autograph letters of the early discov.

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written in the Castilian tongue….by B. de las Casas….

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1583- 4°-



–A briefe Narration of the destruction of the Indies

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1625. Fol. See PURCHAS (S). ” Purchas his Pilgrimes,

etc.,” pt. IV.

—The tears of the Indians: being an historical….

account of the cruel massacres… .of about twenty millions

of innocent people, committed by the Spaniards in the islands

of Hispaniola, Cuba, Jamaica, etc., as also in the continent

of Mexico, Peru, and other places of the West Indies….

Written in Spanish by Casaus, and made English by J.

P[hillipsj. London. *i656. 8°.

[BARTOLOMÉ DE LAS CASAS, born at Seville, 1474 ; son of

Antoine las Casas, who accompanied Columbus on his first

voyage of discovery. Went west with Columbus in 1498 and

.1502 ; ordained priest in San Domingo by Bishop of Hispa-

niola, 1510; accompanied expedition under Velasquez for

occupation of Cuba, 1511, when he began his opposition to

Spanish cruelty. Devoted his life to the service of the

Indians, crossing the ocean twelve times in his almost fruit-

less attempts to ameliorate their condition. Wrote his His-

tory of the Destruction of the Indians, while in Spain, about

1540, advising the Council of the Indies on a new code of

laws for the government of the colonies then being framed.

Consecrated Bishop of Chiapa, 1544, to secure authority to

enforce the new code, and went to Hispaniola same year.

Resigned bishopric, 1547, and returned to Spain ; resided at

Dominican College at Valladolid. Wrote a work on Peru,

1564. Died at Madrid, July, 1566, during visit “in service

of the Indians,” aged 92.J

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—-Les Fêtes, offrandes ët sacrifices dans l’Antiquité


(Archiv. le la” Soc.-Américaine de France. N. S. iii., 239.)

– -Le Système religieux dans l’Antiquité péruvienne.

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obrevissimo relatione, etc., tradittione in Italiano di F. Ber-

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(Metrical version of the expedition of Ursua and Aguirre,

etc., by a contempqrary; made use of by De Bry in eighth

part of Grand Voyages. Contains only Pt. 1 of Castellanos’

“metrical chronicle.”)

1847-50 -Elegias de Varones, etc., edited by. Buenaventura

Carlos Aribau. Madrid. 1847-50. See BIBLIOTECA DE AUTORES


(Contains the three first parts of Castellanos’ poem; parts 2

and 3 give the adventures of the Germans in search of El

Dorado, and refer to the expeditions of Lugo, Belalcazar,

etc. ; a fourth part of the poem treated of the conquest of

New Granada, and is lost, though used by Piedrahita.)

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(Part II. Vues et scènes, avec 60 pl. 40.)

(Part III. Antiquités des Incas et autres peuples anciens,

avec 61 pl.- 40.)

(Part IV. Itinéraires et coupe géologique, avec 76 cartes.


(Part V. Géographie, avec 30 cartes. 40.)

(Part VI. Botanique, 2 vols., avec 90 pl. 40.)

(Part VIL Zoologie, ou Animaux nouveaux et rares, avec

176 pl. 40.)

1850 -(Same work, but without the 40 volumes.) 6 vols.

Paris. 1850. 8o.

(Vol. I. Histoire du Voyage. France to Rio and to

Araguay river.)

(Vol. IL To Uliranda near Paraguay.)

(Vol. III. To Potosi, La Paz, Tiauhuanaco, Puno, Are-

quipa, Callao.)

(Vol. IV. Lima, Paseo, Huanca vélica?, Cuzco, Ucayli,


(Vol. V. To Tabitinga, to Para, to Gugava.)

(Vol. VI. Gran Chaco to Cuzco.)



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nent de l’Amérique du Sud, de Rio de Janeiro à Lima. 76

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(Peru; Arica, Santos and Tumbos, pages 59-72.)


CHAVES (FRANCISCO DE). Narrative of the Conquest of


[FRANCISCO DE CHAVES, of Truxillo, companion of Pizarro

and friend of Atahualpa’s brother, tried to save the Inca’s

life. Slain, 1541, while defending the staircase against

Pizarro’s assassins. His MS. went to his relation, Luis

Valera, but was lost.]


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Illus. Maps. New York. 1891. 40.

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(Contains information as to products of Alto-Peru and

trade-routes to Bolivia, pages 153-189.)

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(Vol. III. An Historical Relation of the Kingdom of

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(Vol. V. General Observations, etc. By Antonio de Her-

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mones traducidos en la lengua general del Peru. Fol.

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dades. Los ritos y costumbres de los indios. Yotras cosas

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(A duplicate of the preceding, with a different publisher’s

name and device.)

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1554- 8°.

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(Biblioteca de Autores Espagnoles. Vol. XXVI.)


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l’ordine delle Provincie, della Citta nuoue in quel Paese

edificate, i riti et costumi de gli Indiani, con molte cose

notabile, i degne che uet>gano a notitia. Rome. 1855. 8°.

(First Italian edition. Translated by Valiero and Luigi


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(Pt. I. La prima parte. Pt. II. La seconda parte dell

historie dell’ India. Pt. III. Le Historie di Fernando Cor-

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(Vol. II, Bibliotheca Hispano-Ultramarina. The Guerras

Civiles is Bk. Ill of Pt. IV of Cieza de Leon’s History.

Jimenez de la Espada supposes Bk. I and II to exist in MS.

The MS. of Bk. IV and V, treating of the War of Huarina

and the War of Xaquixaguana, is lost.)

[CIEZA DE LEON, born 1519; in Peru, 1532-50. History

written between 1541 (Popayan) and 1550 (Lima). Bk. I

relates to the Geography of Peru and its Inhabitants;

Bk. II, History of the Incas; Bk. Ill, Spanish Conquest;

Bk. IV, Civil Wars of the Conquerors. Cieza de Leon was

present at the defeat of Gonzalo Pizarro, 1548; visited Cuzco

to obtain information from surviving descendant of Inca

Huayna Ccapac; died at Seville, 1560.]

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Said by Virchow to show multiple exostosis.)

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(No more published.)

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contiene el Vocabulario en Lengua del Inca, según se habla

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[Mentions end of Lower Chile, Arica and Lima. Sir

Francis Drake appeared on the coast of Peru, 1579, during

the government of Don Francisco de Toledo.]

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phie, que pour les Mores, les Coutumes, le Commerce, le

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(Markham’s Translation of XERES : Hakluyt Society’s

Publications, No. 47: Reports on the Discovery of Peru.)

[MIGUEL ESTETE accompanied Hernando Pizarro to Pach-

acamac, which he describes.]

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(A letter to Gillis concerning opening of a tomb in Arica.)

Expeditions into the Valley of the Amazons, 1539, 1549,

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(Hakluyt Society’s Publications, No. 24.)

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toria del Peru…. Cotiene la primera, lo succedido en le

Nueva España y en el Peru, sobre la execucionde las nuevas

leyes : y el allanamiento, y castigo, que hiro el Presidente

Gasea, de Gonçalo Piçarro y sus sequaces. La Segunda,

contiene la tyrannia y alçamiento de los Contreras. 2 Parts.

Sevilla. 1571. Fol.

[Only edition. Its original publication prohibited by

order of the Royal Council of the Indies. Order revoked in

1729, but reissued in 1731.]

729 FERNANDEZ (J. B.) Erbauliche und angenehme Gechsichten

derer Chiquitos, etc. 1729. 8°. 1


Historiales dal Peru Seguidas de los Anales del Mismo

Reyno. 2 parts. MS.

[MS. in the Archives of the Real Academia de Historia de

Madrid. First Part: History of Peru from B. C. 4000 to

discovery of America by Columbus. Second Part: the Anales

from 1493-1546.]


1882 -Memorias antiguas historiales y políticas del Perú

por… .Fernando Montesinos, seguidas de.las informaciones

acerca del señorío de los Incas, hechos por mandado de D.

Francisco de Toledo, virey del Perú. (1570-72). Edited by

Don Marcos Jiménez de la Espada. Madrid. 1882. 8o.

1840 -Memoires historiques sur l’ancien Pérou. Paris.

1840 8o.

(Vol. 17. Ternaux’ Voyages de l’Amérique.)

[Licentiate FERNANDEZ MONTESINOS went to Peru 1629;

traveled 1,500 leagues from Quito to Potosi; subsequently

chaplain at Lima; afterwards Visitador General at Quito.

Gives ancient records acquired from quipus through learned

natives. The “Anonymous” authority edited by Marcos

Jiménez de la Espada incidentally confirms Montesinos’

statements by referring to ancient Incas given in his lists.]

1825-37 FERNANDEZ DE NAVARETTE (MARTIN). Colección de los

Viages y Descubrimientos que hicieron por mar los Españ-

oles, desde fines del siglo XV. Con varios documentos

inéditos concernientes á la Historia de la marina Castellana

y de los establecimientos españoles en Indias. 5 vols. Por-

trait and Maps. Madrid. 1825-37. 4′.

[Very important. Extends from 1393 to 1540. Two

other volumes were left unfinished at de Navarette’s death.]

1837-80–Second edition (of Vols. 1, 2 and 3). 5 vols.

Madrid. 1837-80. 40.

1828–French translation of Vols. 1 and 2. Paris. 1828.

1840-41–Italian translation of Vols. 1 and 2. Prato.


1868? FERNANDEZ NODAL (JOSÉ). Los Yncas del Imperio Tahuan-

tinsuyo. Paris. (1868?) Fol.

1872 —Elementos de Gramática Quichua ó Idioma de los

Yncas, bajo los Auspicios de la Redentora Sociedad de

Filántropos para Mejorar la Suerte de los Aborijenes

Peruanos. Cuzco, Aylesbury y Londres. (Printed 1872.) 8o.

1875? —Elementos de Gramática Quichua ó idioma de los

Yncas. Cuzco. (1875?) 8o.


1874–Los Vínculos de Ollanta y Cusi-Kcuyllor. Drama

en Quechua. Ayacucho (Londres). (1874.) 8°.

1878–Legislation civile comparée des Mexicains sous le

Empereurs Aztecs et des Péruviens a l’époque des Incas.

Luxemburg and Paris. 1878. 8o.

(Compte-rendu de Congrès des Américanistes. Sec. Sess.

Pages 235-37.)

187g–Comparaison de l’Aymara du Quichua et du dia-

lecte de Quito. Bruxelles. 187g. 8°.

(Compte-rendu de Congrès des Américanistes. Trois.

Sess. Pages 511-24. Lists of words and bibliography.)


la natural hystoria de las Indias. 2d Title. Sumario de

la natural y general istoria de las Indias. Toledo. 1526. Fol.

(The original of the second book of the Italian ” Summario

della historia delle Indie.”)

174g–(Another edition). Relación sumario de la His-

toria natural de las Indias, etc. Madrid. 174g. Fol.

(Vol i of Historiadores primitivos, etc. of D. Andres Gon-

zalez de Barcia).

1534–See XERES (F. DE). Veradera relación de la con-

quista del Peru y Provincia del Cuzco. With stanzas relat-

ing to the author by G. F. de Q. y V. ? (1534.) Fol.

T535 –La Historia general de las Indias. (Primera parte,

siguen una carta missiva, etc.) Sevilla. 1535. Fol.

1557 —Coron.ica de las Indias. La Hystoria general de

las Indias. Agora nuevamente impressa corregida y emen-

dada. 1547. Y con la conquista del Peru. 1547- (Por

Francisco de Xeres). Valladolid. 1557. Fol.

1557–Libro xx de la Segunda parte de la historia de las

Indias. Valladolid. 1557. Fol.

1851-55–Historia general y natural de las Indias, islas y

tierra-firme del Mar Océano. Cotejada con el códice orig-

inal, enriquecida con las enmiendas y adiciones del autor, é

ilustrada con la vida del mismo por José Amador de Los

RÍOS. (Life of Oviedo. Plates and facsimile maps). 4 vols.

Madrid. 1851-55. Fol.

(First publication of Bks. XXl-L. Historia general y



1858–De la natural hystoria de las Indias. 1858. See

VEDIA. Hist. prim, de Indias. Vol I.

1554–La historia genérale et naturale delle Indie occi-

dentali. 1554. Fol.

(RA.MUSIO (G. B.) Primo volume delle navigatione et

viaggi. Vol. 3. 1554).

1563–(Another edition.) 1563. Fol.

(RAMUSIO. Navigatione et viaggi. Vol. 3. 1563.)

1555–L’ Histoire naturelle et generalle des Indes….

Traduicte de Castellane en Francois. (By Jean Polem).

Paris. 1555. Fol.

1556–L’ Histoire, etc., translated …. by Jean Polem.

Paris. 1556. Fol.

(Duplicate of preceding with new title page.)

1849–(Another edition.) See ARIBAU (В. C). Biblioteca

de autores Españoles, etc. Tom. 22. 1849. 8°.

1555 —-The Historie of the West Indies. See ANGLERIUS

(P. M.) The (three) decades of the new worlde, etc.

1555- 4°-

l577 —— (Another edition.) ¿>¿ EDEN (R.) The.History of

Travayle in the West and East Indies, etc. 1577. 4°-

1625 -Decades of the New World. See PURCHAS

(SAMUEL) the Elder. Purchas his Pilgrimes, etc. 4 pt.

London. 1625. Fol.

(A condensed version of Eden’s Decades.)


Asturia, Spain, about 1478; resided 34 years in America;

was at Panama when Pizarro and Almagro fitted out their

first expedition. Afterwards Chronicler of the Indies.

Died, 1557.]

1571 FERNANDEZ DE PALENCIA (DIEGO). Primera y Secunde Parte

de la Historia del Per-u, que se mando escrétir á Diego Fer-

nandez, vecino de la ciudad de Palencia. 2 pts. Seville.

1571. Fol.

[FERNANDEZ DE PALENCIA, usually called “El Palentino”

from his place of birth, served in Peru against Giron, 1544;

Chronicler of Peru under Viceroy Cañete.]


1816-34 FERRARIO (GIULIO). II Costume Antico e Moderno, o storia

dell governo, della milizia, della religione, delle arti, scienze

ed usanze di tetti i popoli antichi e mqderni provata coi

monumenti dell’ antichita e rappresentata cogli analoghi

designi del dottore, G. F. (assisted by A. Levati, R. Gironi

and C. Magnetti). 18 vols. Milano. 1816-34 4°-

1826-8–Edizione seconda. . .. accresciuta. 26 vols. Firenze

1826-8. 8°.

1763 FEYZOO DE SOSA (DR. MIGUEL). Relación descriptiva’de la

ciudad, y provincia de Truxillo del Peru, con noticias

exactas de su estado político. Map and plan of city. Mad-

rid. 1763. Fol.

1700 FIGUERREDO (PADRE JUAN DE). Vocabulary of the Chin-

chaysuyu Dialect. Lima. 1700. 8°.

(Attached to Torres Rubio’s Arte de la lengua Quichua.)

1754 -Arti i vocabulario de la lengua quichua general de

los india del Perú, que compaso el padre Diego de Torres

Rubio i añalida por P. J. de F., with vocabulary of the Chin-

chaysuyu dialect. Lima. 1754. 16°.

[JUAN DE FIGUERREDO, missionary priest, born at Huanca-

velica, of Spanish parents, 1648. Died at Lima, 1724.]

1892 FISKE (JOHN). The discovery of America, with some ac-

count of ancient America and the Spanish conquest. 2 vols.

Maps. Boston. 1892. 8°.

(Peru and Conquest, Chaps. IX and X.)

1854 FLETCHER (FRANCIS). # The World encompassed by Sir

Francis Drake, by F. F.

See DRAKE (Sir FRANCIS), The World encompassed, etc.

London. 1854. 8°.

1870 FORBES (DAVID). On the Aymara Indians of Bolivia and

Peru. Plates. London. 1870. 8°.

(Journal of the Ethnological Society of London, Vol. II,

N. S., pages I93-305-)

1778 FORSTER (JOHANN REINHOLD). Observations made during a

voyage round the world on Physical Geography, Natural

History and Ethic Philosophy. London. 1778. 4°-


1778–Observations faites pendant le second voyage de

M. Cook sur la Géographie, l’histoire naturelle et la phil-

osophie moral. (Tom. V of Cook’s Voyage dans l’Hémis-

phère Austral, etc.) 1778. 40.

1783 —-(German edition.) Berlin. 1783

1799 FRAGGIA, etc. Indice delà Colección de manuscritos perti-

necientes a la historia de las Indias. Madrid. 1799.

(Jackson (J.), Bibl. Geogr., N0. 612.)

1577 FRAMPTON (J.). See MONARD.ES (NICHOLAS), Joyfull Newes

out of the ne\ve founde Worlde, etc. Englished by J. F.

London. 1577. 4″-

1885 FREUZEL (KARL WILHELM). Der Schuck des Inka. München

and Leipzig. 1885. 16°.

(Incas are Celts. Neuer Deutcher Novellenschatz, Bd.

XII, pages 73-183.)

1716 FREZIER (AMEDÉE FRANCOIS). Relation du Voyage de la ‘

mer du Sud aux côtes du Chily et du Pérou fait pendant

les années 1712, 1713 and 1714. With plates and maps.

Paris. 1716. 40.

(First described the Quippu.)

1717 —(Another edition.) 2 vols. Amsterdam. 1717. 12o.

1732 —(Another edition.) Paris. 1732. 40.

1717 -A voyage to the South Sea and along the coasts of

Chile and Peru in .. .. 1712, 1713 and 1714. Cuts. London.

1717. 40.

1747 —Reise an den Küsten von Peru, 1713. 1747. 4°-

(Schwabe, Allgemeine Histoire der Reisen, Vol. XV.


1707 FRITZ (SAMUEL). Map of the Amazons, Quito, 1707. See

STOCKLEIN, Reise Beschreibungen; MARKHAM (C. R.), Valley

of the Amazons, page xxxiii.

1889 FRY (CARLOS). La gran region de los bosques rios Peruanos

navegables Urubamba,Ucayli, Amazonas, Pachitea y Palcaza.

Diario de viajes y exploraciones por Carlos Fry en 1886, 1887

y 1888. Maps and illus. Lima. 1889. 40.

1859 FUENTES (DON MANUEL). Memorias de los Vireyes que han

gobernado el Perú, durante el tempo del Coloniaje Español.

Edited by Don M. F. 6vols. Lima. 1859. 40.


—(Another edition.) Relaciones de los Vireyes y

Audiencias que han gobernado el Peru. Lima. 1867. Fol.

—Lima, or Sketches of the Capitol of Peru; histori-

cal, statistical, administrative, commercial and moral. Por-

traits and plates. Paris. 1866. 8°.

(Part VI (pages 75-219), Natives, with illustrations.)


toire Générale des Indes occidentales…. trad, par M. F.

Paris. 1568. 8°.

GABRIAC (COMTE DE). Promenade à travers l’Amérique du

Sud. Nouvelle Grenade, Equateur, Pérou, Brésil. Maps

and illus. Paris. 1868. 8°.

GAHORY (JACQUES). L’Histoire de la terre nueve du Péru

en l’Indie occidentale, trad., par J. G. Paris. 1547.

[Pretends to be a summary of Oviedo, but is a translation

of Xeres’ Relacion.~\

GALLENGA (ANTONIO), pseud. MARIOTTI (L.). South America.

London. 1880.

(Peru and Bolivia, pages 45-143.)

GALLUCIO (GIOVANNI PAOLO). Historia naturale e morale

delle Indie nov. trad.. G. P. G. Venetia. 1596. 40.

GALTON (FRANCIS). Vacation Tourist. Vol. I. i860. See

BOWEN (C. C), Visit to Peru.

—See RISING (Lieut.). On the artificial eyes of certain

Peruvian mummies, with Notes by F. G. London. 1865. 8°.

GALUSKY (C). See HUMBOLDT (F. H. A. VON). Cosmos

…trad, par C. G. (Vols. II and IV.) 4 vols. Paris.

1847-59- 8°.

GALVANO (A.). The Discoveries of the World from their

first original unto the yaere.. .. 1555…. corrected, quoted and

now published in English by R[ichard] H[akluyt]. London.

1601. 40.

—(Another edition.) Edited by Admiral Bethune.

London. 1862. 8°.



1803 —See CLARKE (J. S.), The Progress of Maritime Dis-

covery, etc. Vol. I. Appendix. 1803. 4°-

1729 GARCÍA (FRAY GREGORIO). Origen de los Indios de el

Nuevo Mundo e Indias Occidentales, Averiguado con Dis-

curso de Opiniones. Madrid. 1729. Fol.

(Perú, the Ophir oí Solomon; gives the earliest notice of

Betanzo’s narrative. Gregorio García traveled extensívely

in the Spanish Colonies.)

—Monarquía de los Incas del Perú. MS.

(Lost. Referred to by D. Nicholas Antonio. Bibl. Hist.)



1877. Fol. Letter LXXXVI. Carta del licenciado Pedro

de la Gasca al Consejo de Indias, dando cuenta de su llegada

al puerto de Santa Marta y de las noticias allí recibedas

sobre el esteido de los asuntos del Perú. Santa Marta de

Julio de 1546.

LXXXVII. a Miguel Dies Armendariz, dandale noticas de

la expedición que disponía contra Gonzalo Pizarro. Panamá,

27 de Feb., 1547.

LXXXVIII. al Consejo de Indias, participando que enviaba

á Espagña, con personas de confianza, los levos de Juan y

Gonzalo Pizarro, para que cuidar de en educación los parien-

tes que tenían en Castillae. Los Reyes, 15 de Feb., 1549.

LXXX1X. al Consejo de Indias, recomendando á Fray

Pedro de Ulloa. Los Reyes, 22 de Febro. de 1549.

XC. al Consejo de Indias proponiendo dobear el salario a

los oidores, para que en todo pudieran proceder con rectitud

é inde prudencia. Los Reyes, 20 de Julio de 1549.

XCI. al Consejo de Indias, avicando las desposiciones que

se habían adaptado respecto al repartimiento de coca, que

tuvo Francisco Pizarro. Los Reyes, 16 Septembre de 1549.

XCII. From Ondegardo to Gasca.

XCIII. al Consejo de Indias, remitiendo alar ordenanza

que hizo sobre la presentación de apelaciones interpuestas

ante aquella Chancielleria, avisando lo acordaba respecto de

la tasa de tributos, y del envió de un cargamento de barras

de plata y dando cuenta de otros acuntos de aquella gober-

nación. Puerta de la ciudad le Los Reyes, 8 de Noviembre

de 1549.




XCIV. a los principales de Hungría y Bohemia, Maximil-

iano y Maria, gobernadores de Espagna, dándoles cuenta

del estado de los asuntos en el Peru. Puerto de Ciudad de

Los Rey os, 6 de Deciembre de 1549.

XCV. al precidente y señores del Conseyo de Indias, sobre

lo conveniente que seria anmentar los repartimientos de la

Corona en el Peru. Rio de Sevella, 22 de Setiembre de 1550.

XCVI. Condition of country on the departure of Gasca.

Aug.- 11, 1550.

-See ARANA (D. B.). Proceso de Pedro de Valdivia

i otros documentos, etc. Santiago (Chile). (1873.) 8o.

(Gasca’s despatch of May, 1548, describing defeat and

execution of Gonzalo Pizarro, with other despatches dated

Lima, Sept. 25 and Nov. 26, 1548.)

–Instructions to Lorenzo de Aldana, Letters to

Gonzalo Pizarro, and detailed Report of his agent, Panigua.

Revista de Lima. Lima. 1880.

[LICENCIADO PEDRO DE LA GASCA sailed from Spain May 26,

1546, with title of President of the Audencia, to carry out

order revoking the'”New Laws,” which led to Gonzalo

Pizarro’s rebellion, which he put down with great cruelty.

Left Peru suddenly, January, 1550, on receipt of order that

all personal service of Indians should be abolished, leaving

affairs in great confusion. Many of his papers preserved by

the family and made use of by Helps for his Spanish Conquest.

Gasca’s Report, dated Andahuaylas, March 7, 1548, written

on his way to attack Gonzalo Pizarro, has not been pub-


1620 ‘ GAVILÁN (FRAY ALONZO RAMOS). Historia de Copacabana

y de su milagrosa imagen, 1620.

i860 — (Another edition.) Edited by Fr. Rafael Sans.

La Paz. i860.

[Throws light on the movements of the Inca colonists,

Mitionaes; gives version of Inca calendar.]

1875 GAYANGOS (PASCUAL DE). Catalogue of the Manuscripts in

the Spanish language in the British Museum. London.

1875, etc. 8°.

(America. Vol. II.)



. primo de la conquista del Peru, etc. (Translated by D. de G.)

Vinegia. 1535. 40.

1853 GHILLANY (F. W.). Geschichte des Seefahrer’s Ritter.

1853. Fol. See HUMBOLDT (F. H. A. VON). Uber die

ältesten Karten des Neuen Continent, etc.

1891 GIGLIOLI (H. H.). On two ancient Peruvian masks made

with the facial portion of human skulls. Plate. Leiden. 1891.

(Internat. Archiv, für Ethnologic IV, 83-87.)

1891 -Maschere fatte colla parte faciale d’crani umani

proventienti dal Yunca-Suyu. Firenze. 1891.

(Archiv, für TAnthropologie. XXI, 41-45.)

1855 GILLIS (J. N.). The United States naval astronomical expe-

dition to the southern hemisphere during the years 1849-50-

51-52. Maps and plates. Washington. 1855. 40.

(Vol. I, Chile; Vol. II, The Andes and Pampas.)

1851, etc. -See SCHOOLCRAFT (H. R.). Historical and Statisti-

cal Information… .of the Indian Tribes. Vol. V. Phila-

delphia. 1856, etc. 40. See EVANS (W. W.). Peruvian


1857 GLIDOON (GEORGE R.). See NOTT (J. C). Indigenous

Races of the Earth, etc. Philadelphia. 1857. 40.

1889-90 GOLDSMITH (E.). See HAKLUYT (R.). Principal Naviga-

tions, Voyages, etc. Edited by E. G. 55 Parts. Edinburgh.


(Vol. XII-XVI. America and Voyages of circumnavi-



1586 GONZALEZ HOLGUIN (PADRE DIEGO). Vocabulario de la

lengua general de todo el Peru llamada lengua Qquichua,

o del Inca… .corregido y renovado conforme a la proprie-

dad cortesana del Cuzco. Ciudad de Los Reyes. (Lima.)

1586. 8°.

1608 -(Another edition.) Ciudad de Los Reyes. 1608. 4 •

1603–Gramatica y Vocabulario de la lengua del Peru.

Seville. 1603.

[Supposed first edition of the Gramatica of 1607 and the

Vocabulario of 1608.]


1607 -Gramática y Arte nueva de la lengua general de

todo el Peru, llamada Qquichua, ó lengua del Inca. Los Reyes

del Peru. (Lima.) 1607. 40.

1614 -Arte y Vocabulario en la lengua general del Peru

llamada Qquichua, y en la lengua Española… .en los Reyes.

(Lima.) 1614. 12o.

[Usually ascribed to its publisher, Francisco del Canto.]

1842–(Another edition) Gramática y Arte, etc., Añadida

y cumplida.. . .Nueva edición revista y corregida. Geneva.

.1842. 4°.

1842–(Another edition) revista y corregida. Lima. 1842.


[DIEGO GONZALES HOLGUIN, born in Estremadura, Spain,

about 1552; became Jesuit, 1568; went to Peru, 1581. Studied

Quichua at Juli, near Lake Titicaca, where established print-

ing press. Became interpreter. Died at Ascención, Para-

guay, 1618.]


(PEDRO DE). Segunde parte de la Crónica del Peru. London.


1879–See COBO (FATHER BERNABÉ) Historia de Lima,

edited by Dr. M. G. de la R. Lima. 1879.


lengua Yunga, etc. Edited by Dr. G. de la R. Lima. 1880.


1863 GOSSE (L. A.) Dissertation sur les races qui composaient

l’ancienne population du Pérou. Plates. Paris. 1863. 8°.

(Mem. Soc. d’Anthropol. de Paris (1860-63). Vol. I, pages



Report on the present state of the United States of South

America, etc. London. 1819.

1861 GRANDIDIER (ERNEST) Voyage dans l’Amérique du Sud,

Pérou et Bolivie. Paris. 1861. 8°.

1888 GRATECAP (L. P.) Peruvian civilization. Chicago. 1888.


(American Antiquarian. Vol. X, pages 95-115.)



1604 GRIMSTON (EDWARD). See ACOSTA (JOSÉ DE). The naturall

and morall Historie of the Indies…. translated by E. G.

1604. 40.

1888 GROSSI (N.). Le Mummie nell’ antico e nel nuovo mondo.

Torino. 1888.

1612 GUALDO (DIEGO DE). Arte de la lengua Aymara con una

sylva de frasis de la misma lengua, y su declaración en

romance. 1612. 8°.

1540 GUAZZO (MARCO) Historie di tutte le cose degne di memo-

ria quai del anno MDXXXIV. Venice. 1540.

1545–(Another edition.) Venice. 1545.

1546 – (Another edition.) Venice. 1546.

1614 GUERRO (LOBO) Archbishop. Constituciones Synodales.

Lima. 1614.

1754 -(Another edition.) Lima. 1754.

GUETTE (DE LA). See BROÉ (DE) Seig. de Citry et de la G.


Peruvian Tales, etc. London. 1817. 16o.

1888 GUILLAUME (H.). The Amazon provinces of Peru as a field

for European emigration. A statistical and geographical

review of the country and its resources, including the gold

and silver mines, together with a mass’of useful and valuable

information, with map and illustrations. London. 1888. 12o.

1862 GUZMAN (ALONZO ENRIQUEZ DE). Life and Acts of. 1518-

43. Translated by C. L. Markham. London. 1862. 8°.

(Hakluyt Society Pub. No. XXIX.)

[ALONZO ENRIQUEZ DE GUZMAN, friend of Almagro, born

about 1500; went to Peru, 1534. A principal actor in events

between Almagro’s expedition to Chili, 1535, and his execu-

tion, 1538. His autobiography extends to 1543; includes

letter to the Emperor on the conduct of Hernando Pizarro.]

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(R. H. collection of the early voyages, etc. 1809. Vol. V.)

1589 The principall navigations, voyages and discoveries of the

English nation, made by sea or over land…. within the com-

passe of these 1500 yeeres; divided into three parts…,

Whereunto is added the last most renowned English naviga-

tion (i.e. Thomas Cavendish) round the…. earth. B. L.

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America. Thirteen original narratives fr6m the collection

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cidentale, par Pedro Ordonnez de Civallos; et description

d’Amérique tiré des tableaux géographiques de Petrus


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died 1625. Appointed by Philip II of Spain historiagrapher,

which office he held under the two following reigns. Herrera is

regarded as an annalist rather than historian; copied largely


from Las Casas. His works display great “research, candor,

and justness,” although his method is considered too strictly

chronological. Gives portraits of the Incas supposed to

have been copied from those on the pedigree of the Incas,

inscribed on cloth, sent to Spain by the Viceroy Don Fran-

cisco de Toledo.]

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(Follows text adopted by the Council of Lima.)

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mecanismo delle parole. Cesena. 1787. 40.

(Vol. 20 and part of Vol. 22 (1792) of the Ideal del Uni-


-Saggio pratico delle lingue con prologomeni, e una

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Cesena. 1787. 40.

(Vol. 21 of the Ideal del Universo and contained in Vol.

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– -Gramáticas obreviadas de los diez y ocho lenguas

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(MS. appears to be lost.)

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(Stevens’ catalogue of Humboldt’s Library includes a set

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Humboldt’s library burned in London, June, 1865.)

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Peruvian Tales related in 1001 hours by one of the select

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(Jol. of Anthrop. Institute, Vol. IV. (1875), pages 438-57.)




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(Vol. I. contains 12 documents of 16th century, now first



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The first part treating of the original of their Incas____The

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[GARCIA LASSO DE LA VEGA, usually known as Garcilasso

• de la Vega, or The Inca, son of one of the early Spanish con-

querors, of noble lineage, by an Inca princess, was born at

Cuzco, 1539. In 1560 went to Spain, where thirty years

afterwards he began the compilation of “The Commen-

taries.” The work was composed chiefly from memory, ,

aided by information obtained from his surviving half-caste

schoolfellows, and from the works of preceding Spanish

writers, whose mistakes he corrects. Besides Bias Valera,

he quotes from Cieza de Leon, Acosta, Lopez de Gomara

and Zarate. Notwithstanding its serious errors, the Com-

mentaries is one of the chief sources of our knowledge of the

times of the Incas. Garcia Lasso died at Cordova, Spain,



.DE LA).

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to the arrival of the Spaniards. 1844. 8°.

[Lejesama, or Leguisamo, Alcalde of Cuzco, was the last

survivor of the first body of Spanish invaders.]

— LENOX LIBRARY Catalogue. New York.

(The Lenox Library is rich in Americana.)

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dreadful earthquake which happened at Lima, the capital of

Peru, and the neighbouring Port of Callao, on the 28th of

October, 1746, with an account of everything material that

passed there afterwards. Published at Lima by command of

the Viceroy, and translated from the original Spanish; to

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their destruction, and of the Kingdom of Peru, with the

manners and customs of the inhabitants, etc. Maps and

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(Contains Pedro Sancho’s note of the distribution of Ata-

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nuevo la descripción y traca de los Indias con una Table

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nombres de conquistadores y vorones principales que alla bon

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most delectable to reade, translated____by T[homas] Nich-

olas]. London. 1578.

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[FRANCISCO LOPEZ DE GOMARA, born about 1510 ; became

in 1540 chaplain and secretary of Hernando Cortes. The

second part of his Historia General, entitled La Conquista de

Mexico, appeared in 1552, and the first part, relating the

conquest of Peru, which he never visited, the following year.

His book suppressed by the Spanish government, and edict

maintained until 1729.]

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(Home of ancient Peruvians in Central Asia.)

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(Missions to cannibal Chirihuanas.)

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n. d. MAPS. PERU. Tabula Americas specialis geographica

régna Peru per Homarianos Heredes, n. d.-

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». d.

». d.–Amstelodami apud Joaunem Janssonium.

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n. d.

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the Ancient Capital of Peru, with an account of the History,

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[CHRISTOVAL DE MOLINA, chaplain to the hospital for

natives, Cuzco; wrote between 1570-1584. Knew Quichua,

intimate with native chiefs and learned men, and questioned

priests at Cuzco. Next to Bias Valera as authority on

native religious ideas and institutions.]

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(Much valuable information about the Indians.)

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govierno sin leyes, ministros relaxados, thesoros con polreza,

fertilidad sin cultivo, sabiduría desestimada, milicia sin

honor, cindades sin amor patricii, la justicia sin templo,

huertos por comercios, integridad tenida por locura, rey,

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(Relates chiefly to the wars of independence of Peru and



[Lost. Copied by Dr. Muñoz for his collection. Accord-

ing to Leon Pinelo contained portraits of Incas, and colored

drawings of insignia, etc. Múrua was an eminent ecclesi-

astic of Peru, born at Guernica, Biscay.]

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(Touched at Arica, Tumbes, etc)


de N.adaillac.

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(Hakluyt Society’s Publications, No. 48.)




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pleasant historie, etc.; translated by T. N. London. 1578,


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(A companion of Pizarro. MS. lost, but referred to by

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Introd. to Andagoya.


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(MS. Brit. Mus. Lib. Story by eye-witness of capture

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(Part of the ” Bibliothique Elzévirrienne.” This transla-

tion is only of the introductory portion of Oliva’s work in

four books, written before 1631.)

[OLIVA, born at Naples, 1593 ; arrived in Peru, 1597 ; died

at Lima, 1642.]

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explore forest country eastwards of Quito, Christmas, 1539.

Sent forward in small vessel to obtain supplies, he aband-

oned Pizarro, and sailing on in search of gold, reached the

Atlantic, passing through the ” country of Amazons,” from

whom the river he thus discovered is named. Left mouth of

the Napo December 31, 1541 ; reached the sea August 26,

15^2. Returned to Spain and sailed May, 1544, with expe-

dition to the Amazon, but died after wreck of his vessels

about 100 leagues up the river.]

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[At Nombre de Dios, 1561. Sent forces against Aguirre

in Venezuela ; account of expedition of Gonzalo Pizarro and



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[MS. lost; fragment of the work preserved in the “Breve

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gl tierra por diuina vo luntad fue marauillosamente conquis-

tada en la felicio sima ventura del Emperador y Rey nuestro

señor : y por la prudencia y esfuerzo del muy magnifico y

vale roso^cavallero el Capitán Francisco pizarro Gouernador

y adelanto de la neua castilla y de su herma no Hernando

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(Sabin : Bibl. Amer. Vol. XIV. says: “The ‘Bibliotheca

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lished by Ramusio, but with many variations.”)

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(Different from preceding item. Chap. VI. Peruvian •


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[PIEDRAHITA was of Inca descent and native of Bogotá ;

became priest, and died at Panama, 1688, aged 70. Only

part of his Historia printed ; comes down to 1563. Depends

chiefly on Ximenes de Queseda, Castellanos, and Pedro


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(British Museum Library.)

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Indie. . .datain Peru novembre de MDXXXIIII.


1535–(Another edition) ” data in Zhanal.” 1535.

– See PERU. La Conquista del Peru. (Tractate of 4



[MARQUIS FRANCISCO PIZARRO, illegitimate son of Gonzalez

Pizarro, born about 1470 in Estremadura. Could neither

read nor write. Went to Darien, 1509, with Alonzo de

Ojeda’s expedition. Formed partnership at Panamá with

Almagro and Luque for Southern exploration. Sailed from

Panamá Nov. 14, 1524, but had to return. Sailed again,

1526, with Almagro and pilot Bartolomé Ruiz. Returned to

Panamá after visiting Atacames, Tumbez and other points

on coast of Peru. Expedition for conquest of Peru sailed

Dec. 28, 1531. Treacherously captured Atahualpa, Novem-

ber, 1532; Inca executed 29th August, 1533. Entered Cuzco

15th Nov., 1533. Founded Lima (Ciudad le los Reyes) Jan.

6, 1535. Made written agreement, June 15, 1535, with

Almagro, who set out to conquer Chili. War between Piz-

arro and Almagro, who seized Cuzco 8th April, 1537.

Almagro garotted at Cuzco, July, 1538. Pizarro assassinated

at Lima, by adherents of Almagro, 26th June, 1541.]

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Pizarro suo fratello. Relatione di un secretario di F. Pizarro

della conquista …. della Provincia del Peru, etc. See

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viaggi, etc. Vol. 3. 1544, etc. Fol.

J5^3–Vol. 3. 1563, etc. Fol.



DE)). Expeditions into the Valley of the Amazons during

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the Royal Commentaries of G. J. de la Vega and the General

History of Herrera) by C. R. Markham. London. 1859. 8°.

(Hakluyt Soc. Pub., No. 24.)

[GONZALO PIZARRO, illegitimate brother of Francisco Piz-

arro, went with him to Panamá in 1530, and to Peru Dec,

1531. Led expedition against the Charcas, 1538. Explored

forest region eastward of Quito, descending the Coca and

Napo rivers, 1539-42. Headed revolt against Viceroy Blasco

Nuñez Vela, 1544; declared by Audiencia, Governor and

Captain-General of Peru. Surrendered to Pedro de la Gasea,

9th April, 1568; a few days afterwards executed at Cuzco.J

I535 PIZARRO (HERNANDO). La relatione del Vaggio che fece….

F. Piccaro.. la terra de Caxamalca fina a Parcama et

de li a Xauxa (from the Spanish of M. de Sette). See XERES

(F. DE) Libro primo de la conquista del Peru, etc. 1535. 4°-

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Domingo. Dated November, 1533. Translated by C. R.

Markham. London. 1872. 8°.

(See MARKHAM (C. R.) Reports on the Discovery of Peru.

Xeres’ true account of the province of Cuzco, etc. Hakluyt

Soc Publ., No. 47, pages 113-27.)

[HERNANDO PIZARRO, eldest and only legitimate brother of

Francisco Pizzaro; accompanied his brothers to Panamá,

Jan., 1530. Went to Peru with Francisco, Dec, 1531. Headed

expedition to Pachacamac, 1533. Returned to Spain with

treasure, and on the voyage wrote his letter, dated Novem-

ber, 1533, to the Audiencia of Santo Domingo, covering the

same ground as narratives of Xeres and Estete. Commanded

Pizarro’s army in the struggle with Almagro, whom he caused

to be garroted, July, 1538. Returned, 1539, to Spain, where

imprisoned 20 years.]

1639 PIZARRO Y ORELLANA (FERNANDO). Varones illustres del

Nuevo Mundo. Jfadrid. 1639,

(Lives of Pizarro and his brothers and of Almagro. The

author was a grandson of the daughter of Francisco Pizarro.)


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quista de los Reynos del Peru. Madrid. 1842. 8°. See

COLECCIÓN DE DOCUMENTOS para la historia de España. Vol.

V., pages 201-388.

[PEDRO PIZARRO, cousin of Francisco Pizarro, attended him

as page on leaving Spain for Panamá, 1530, when 15. Eye-

witness of the conquest and of the civil wars; lived at Are-

quipa after assassination of Francisco. His Relaciones com-

pleted, 1571.]

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(C. R.). Narrative of the Rites and Laws of the Incas,

pages 151-71.

[POLO DE ONDEGARDO accompanied La Gaseo in campaign

against Gonzalo Pizzaro; Lawyer; Corregidor of Cuzco. Died

at Potosi about 1580. Knowledge of native languages lim-

ited. .Describes principles of Inca administration.]

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Third edition.


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(Vol. V. is the 4th edition of the “Pilgrimage.” See.

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(Ramusio’s Italian translations, in his third volume, were

formerly the chief source of information on American voy-

ages. Most of them are given in English dress in Richard

Hakluyt’s Voyages, Navigations, Traffiques and Discoveries,

Vol. III.)

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(A monumental work. Vol. III. contains memoirs on the

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and on their alimentary plants and domesticated animals, by

Prof. Whittmach and A. Nehring respectively.)

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(DR. M.).


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(The author, a canon of Cuzco, claims descent from the


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AYHUA, son a chief of the Callao, wrote about 1620. Had

intimate knowledge of native language and preserves tradi-

tions handed down to third generation after conquest.]

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(Pages 3-135 of Tres Relaciones de Antigüedades Peru-


[FERNANDO DE SANTILLAN, appointed Judge of the Royal

Audience for Peru, 1550, afterwards took orders; died, Lima,

1576, while on way to bishopric of La Plata. His Relación

is an official report on the administrative system of the Incas;

relates chiefly to collection of tribute. Shows the evils

inflicted by Spanish misrule.]


SARAVIA (MELCHOR BRAVO DE). Antigüedades del Peru.

[Referred to by Juan de Pelasco, but lost or inaccessi-

ble. Melchor Bravo de Saravia was Judge of the Royal

Audience. Cieza de Leon mentions his work as having been

perused by Saravia and Santillan.J

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(MS. lost).

1572 -Memorial (dated at) Cuzco, March 4th, 1572.

[DON PEDRO SARMIENTO DE GAMBOA, a distinguished sailor

and cosmographer, superintended the preparation of the

map accompanying the pedigree of the Incas sent to Spain

by Viceroy Don Francisco de Toledo. Accompanied, in

1567, Mandana’s Expedition in search of South Sea islands

discovered by Tupa Yupanqui; made Report of Voyage to

Viceroy. Captured by Sir W. Raleigh, 1586, and taken to


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Collection de facsimile d’ écritures de tous les peuples et de

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(Gives figure of Peruvian quipu.)

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[Pedro Simon, born in Spain, 1574 ; visited Bogotá 1604 ;

began to write 1623. Gives Francisco Vasquez’s account of

Ursua and Aguirre’s expedition, translated by Bollaert (Hak-

luyt Society, 1862). Two other parts of Simon’s Noticias

imprinted. Sec ACOSTA (COL. J.) Compendio histórico, etc.}


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Spanish authorities, civil and ecclesiastical, in Peru.]


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(Printed only 100 copies, small paper, and 10 copies, large


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(Collection of letters by Jesuits in all parts of the world.

Gives Samuel Fritz’ map of the Amazons.)

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(Dublin Review. Vol. V. Notice of “Voyages, etc.,” by


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— TERUEL (LUIS DE). Gramática de la lengua tabalosa del


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(Not printed. Referred to by Pinelo.)

[Luis DE TERUEL, priest and companion of Francisco de

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(Vol. 16, Colección de libros Españoles raros ó curiosos.

Series of Reports on the origin of Inca soverignty to prove

the right of the Spaniards to treat Incas as usurpers.)

– —Libro de Tasas (Code of Laws, relating particu-

larly to tribute payable by natives, and forced labor in the


[DON FRANCISCO DE TOLEDO entered Lima as Viceroy 26′

November, 1569; confiscated property and privileges of

Incas, and caused youthful Inca Tupac Amaru to be

beheaded on false charge of conspiracy. Based his legisla-

tion on the system of the Incas, and his Libro de Tasas was

followed by all subsequent Viceroys. Inquisition introduced

into Peru during his government, but natives exempted as

catechumens. Returned to Spain 1580 ; was coldly received

by Philipp II., who said he had not been sent to Peru ‘to-

kill kings.]


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la lengua general del Peru, llamada Quichua y en la lengua

Española,…. Sevilla. 1603. 12o.

(Very rare. Sometimes referred to as the first edition of

the work published by Francisco del Canto, Lima, 1614, and

ascribed to Diego Goncalez Holguin.)

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(With vocabulary of the Chinchaysuyu dialect by Juan de


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ana apud Indios a Patribus Societatis Jesu gestarum A. R. P.

Jacobo Torrensi…. conscripta…. Accessere, etc. Moguutia.

1604. 12°.

[DIEGO DE TORRES RUBIO, born 1547, near Toledo, Spain.

Went to Peru 1577. Rector of college at Potosi ; became

missionary»at Chuquiasca, where died, 1638, aged 91. Stud-

ied Quichua, Aymara and Guarani languages.]

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[MS. lost. Truxillo was a companion of Pizarro.]

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magnitud de la Tierra, con otras varias Observaciones

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(Manners and customs of the Kingdom of Quito ; abridged

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Capac to Atahuallpa, with portraits.)


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(The history of the Incas taken from French translation of

Garcia Lasso de la Vega’s Commentaries.)

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search of Eldorado. About 1558 went to Lima, in 1557 sent

by Viceroy Cañete on expedition down the Huallaga to

find Eldorado and the Omaguas. Murdered Jan. 1, 1561,

near Machiparo by conspirators under Lope de Aguirre and

Fernando de Guzman.]

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[CRISTOBAL VACA DE CASTRO, Governor of Peru, 1542 ;

defeated Diego Almagro ; imprisoned by Gonzalo Pizarro

and sent to Spain, 1544 > imprisoned 12 years, but finally

acquitted of charges against him.]


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[JUAN DE VELASCO, native of Riobamba; Jesuit priest for

forty years in Kingdom of Quito. His Historia completed

x789. Quotes from works of Fray Marco de Niza and

Jacinto Collahuaso now lost, and relates traditions of early.

kings of Quito.]

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(Colección de libros que tratan de America, raros y curi-


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[FRANCISCO DE XERES left Spain for America 1530, with

Pizarro, whom he accompanied as secretary on Peruvian

expedition. His Relacion, written on the spot by Pizarro’s

order, March, 1533. Returned to Spain 1534. Gives Miguel

Estete’s narrative of 1 Hernando Pizarro’s expedition to


XIMINES DE QUESADA. Compendio (Conquest of New Gran-


(Work lost ; made use of by Lucas Fern. Piedrahita in his

Historia General de las Conqùistas del Nuevo Reyno de


1890 YDIAQUEZ (A. DE). Le Pérou en 1889. Havre. 1890. 8°-




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[AUGUSTIN DE ZARATE went to Peru, in 1543, with Viceroy

Blasco Nuñez, as royal treasurer, and remained several

years. In 1554 went to England with Philip, to whom as

“King of England” his work is dedicated. -A shrewd

observer, but ignorant of the native languages. Gives good

description of the Inca roads.]

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–Ollanaï, drame en vers quechuas du temps des

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bet phonétique spécial pour la langue quechua ; précédé

d’un appendice en deux parties et d’un vocabulaire de tous

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