I analyzed 1000 articles about Python


I started studying the Python programming in March 2020.
Since then, I have reviewed and collected thousands of PDF articles, as well as more than a thousand links to articles.
This is, so to speak, my learning path and knowledge base.

I try analyzed all the texts from 1000 collected articles about Python (dataset – https://airtable.com/shrNtoOfPJVDcO3fG/tblAYr9pYzqpWhYJ0).
And here’s what I found.

Автор Serhii Kupriienko

I have a multifaceted experience, accomplished several successful projects, including national-scale, modernized a museum, engaged in online commerce, wholesale and retail sales, was an entrepreneur, publisher, and editor. I headed the development department. I gave lectures and training. I organized events and press conferences. I was the secretary of the collegial boards. And I also did the planning and reporting in an organization. My Ph.D. thesis was “The social and economic system of the Inca Empire Tawantinsuyu“.