Create my Awesome Python Learning list

Awesome Python Learning list

Create my Awesome Python Learning list in a table view (by Airtable) with 1070 links – (mostly in English, Russian and Ukrainian languages): – Articles about Software Engineering– Books– Developer’s Tools– Games for Education– Jobs– Math– MOOC and courses– Project examples for Junior– Roadmaps– Textbooks– Training– Video

Awesome Python Learning

Awesome Python Learning

# Awesome-Python-Learning Python Learning Library ## Contents Jobs Programming (learning) Roadmaps MOOC and courses Video Textbooks Books Games for Education Online education (others) IT-events Training Project examples for Junior Puzzles Developer’s Tools Articles about Software Engineering Jobs [15 App Ideas to Build and Level Up your Coding Skills] [15 вопросов по Python: как джуниору пройти… Читати далі Awesome Python Learning