Conda cheatsheet


Managing Conda and Anaconda, Environments, Python, Configuration, Packages. Removing Packages or Environments

Managing Conda and Anaconda

conda infoVerify conda is installed, check version #
conda update condaUpdate conda package and environment manager
conda update anacondaUpdate the anaconda meta package

Managing Environments

conda info --envsconda info -eGet a list of all my environmentsActive environment shown with *
conda create --name snowflakes biopythonconda create -n snowflakes biopythonCreate an environment and install program(s)
conda activate snowflakesActivate the new environment to use it
conda deactivateDeactivate the environment
conda create -n bunnies python=3.4 astroidCreate a new environment, specify Python version
conda create -n flowers --clone snowflakesMake exact copy of an environment
conda remove -n flowers --allDelete an environment
conda env export > puppies.ymlSave current environment to a file
conda env create -f puppies.ymlLoad environment from a file

Managing Python

conda search --full-name pythonconda search -f pythonCheck versions of Python available to install
conda create -n snakes python=3.4Install different version of Python in new environment

Managing .condarc Configuration

conda config --getGet all keys and values from my .condarc file
conda config --get channelsGet value of the key channels from .condarc file
conda config --add channels pandasAdd a new value to channels so conda looks for packages in this location

Managing Packages, Including Python

conda listView list of packages and versions installed in active environment
conda search beautiful-soupSearch for a package to see if it is available to conda install
conda install -n bunnies beautiful-soupInstall a new packageNOTE: If you do not include the name of the environment, it will install in the current active environment.
conda update beautiful-soupUpdate a package in the current environment
conda search --override-channels -c pandas bottleneckSearch for a package in a specific location (the pandas channel on
conda install -c pandas bottleneckInstall a package from a specific channel
conda search --override-channels -c defaults beautiful-soupSearch for a package to see if it is available from the Anaconda repository
conda install iopro accelerateInstall commercial Continuum packages
conda skeleton pypi pyinstrumentconda build pyinstrumentBuild a package from a Python Package Index (PyPi) Package

Removing Packages or Environments

conda remove --name bunnies beautiful-soupRemove one package from any named environment
conda remove beautiful-soupRemove one package from the active environment
conda remove --name bunnies beautiful-soup astroidRemove multiple packages from any environment
conda remove --name snakes --allRemove an environment

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