A month when I learned 44 Python’s online courses

Python's online courses
Python's online courses

The most training month when I learned 44 Python’s online courses (in DataCamp and LinkedIn Learning. Here is the list of completed courses:

1.      Building Chatbots in Python(DataCamp)

2.      Building RESTful APIs with Flask(LinkedIn Learning)

3.      Building RESTful Web APIs with Django(LinkedIn Learning)

4.      Building a Paid Membership Site with Django(LinkedIn Learning)

5.      Case Study: School Budgeting with Machine Learning in Python(DataCamp)

6.      Data Science for Everyone Track(DataCamp)

7.      Data Scientist with Python Track(DataCamp)

8.      Dealing with Missing Data in Python(DataCamp)

9.      Docker for Data Scientists(LinkedIn Learning)

10.  Flask Essential Training(LinkedIn Learning)

11.  Full Stack Web Development with Flask(LinkedIn Learning)

12.  Functional Programming with Python(LinkedIn Learning)

13.  Intermediate Data Visualization with Seaborn(Datacamp)

14.  Introducing Jupyter(LinkedIn Learning)

15.  Introduction to Bash Scripting(DataCamp)

16.  Introduction to Deep Learning in Python(DataCamp)

17.  Introduction to Deep Learning with OpenCV(LinkedIn Learning)

18.  Introduction to Git(DataCamp)

19.  Introduction to Natural Language Processing in Python(DataCamp)

20.  Introduction to Network Analysis in Python(DataCamp)

21.  Learning Django(LinkedIn Learning)

22.  Linear Classiers in Python(DataCamp)

23.  Machine Learning Fundamentals with Python Track(DataCamp)

24.  Machine Learning with Tree-Based Models in Python(DataCamp)

25.  Nail Your Python Interview(LinkedIn Learning)

26.  Neural Networks and Convolutional Neural Networks Essential Training(LinkedIn Learning)

27.  Next Step Python: Decorators(LinkedIn Learning)

28.  Processing Text with Python Essential Training(LinkedIn Learning)

29.  Python Code Challenges(LinkedIn Learning)

30.  Python Data Structures: Dictionaries(LinkedIn Learning)

31.  Python Essential Libraries(LinkedIn Learning)

32.  Python Toolbox Track(DataCamp)

33.  Python for Data Science Tips, Tricks, & Techniques(LinkedIn Learning)

34.  Python for Data Visualization(LinkedIn Learning)

35.  Python: Data Analysis (2015)(LinkedIn Learning)

36.  Python: XML, JSON, and the Web(LinkedIn Learning)

37.  Secure Coding in Python(LinkedIn Learning)

38.  Sentiment Analysis in Python(DataCamp)

39.  Statistical Thinking in Python (Part 2)(DataCamp)

40.  Text Analytics and Predictions with Python Essential Training(LinkedIn Learning)

41.  Unsupervised Learning in Python(DataCamp)

42.  Using Python for Automation(LinkedIn Learning)

43.  Using Python with Excel(LinkedIn Learning)

44.  pandas Essential Training(LinkedIn Learning)

Автор Serhii Kupriienko

I have a multifaceted experience, accomplished several successful projects, including national-scale, modernized a museum, engaged in online commerce, wholesale and retail sales, was an entrepreneur, publisher, and editor. I headed the development department. I gave lectures and training. I organized events and press conferences. I was the secretary of the collegial boards. And I also did the planning and reporting in an organization. My Ph.D. thesis was “The social and economic system of the Inca Empire Tawantinsuyu“.